Why China and the US need to talk.


China and the US need to talk.

THE NEW NEUTRALITY in a Multipolar World

Quo Vadis Europa?

Will America Never Go To War Over Ukraine ?

BRICS cable planned

Russia plans to reopen the Cold War Soviet-age SIGINT facility in Cuba,



Ukraine and the grand chessboard


BRICS strengthen the global financial safety net.

“Rio Consensus” a model for global economic governance in the 21st century

BRICS countries to challenge unipolar world order

China is not poised to speed across the Pacific to threaten America.

China’s Rise = Remilitarizing Japan? | The Diplomat


562 951 hits since April 2007

Die „Korrektur der globalen Ungleichgewichte“.

The Unbalanced Economic Relationship of the United States and China

Is it this what may happen in future?

„Land mit blauem Himmel und klarem Wasser“

World risks era of slow growth, high unemployment.

The End of the New World Order

There’s the fate of the petrodollar to consider.

The Birth of a Eurasian Century

Warning: Ukraine Is At A Flashpoint.

“new global economy” emerging…

China in strategischer Rivalität mit den USA

Rivalität oder Partnerschaft mit China – Globalisierung zähmen

The tectonic plates of power are shifting in the Pacific Ocean.

As the US wanes, China gains | The Australian

A “new multipolar global economy” just emerging



Global Paradigm Shift: The Wisdom of Robert Zoellick 

Globalization Still Favors the Rich.

The dominance of finance over real economic activities persists…

2014 will make or break the economy.

Avoiding the low-growth trap

Going for Growth – OECD

We live in an interconnected world.

Global flows in a digital age | McKinsey & Company

The U.S. and China are deeply cooperative and deeply competitive.

RealClearWorld – Was 2013 the Year We Lost China?

China’s Economy is Going Strong.

Western Analysts Are Wrong: China’s Economy is Going Strong

The rise of China’s military and its capabilities

How China Would Fight the US (And Win) | The Diplomat


China promises sustainable growth.

China premier promises to advance economy reforms

“the nation that goes all-in on innovation today will own the global economy tomorrow”

China becoming a powerhouse of global innovation – The …

Warum die USA mit China (noch) kooperieren

Die aufgeschobene Konfrontation | IP – Die Zeitschrift

Prior to the Ukraine crisis, China stood out as the United States’ main rival, with both powers locked in geopolitical, economic and currency battle

Russia’s rise threatens America’s grip on global power

China-Russian Unity – Washington’s Worst Fear

China is striving for new economic balance and self-reliance, and the US should do the same.

China Moves To End Its Codependency With US

Global Ground Zero in Asia

Global Ground Zero in Asia – Project Syndicate

“new global economy” emerging… – Globalisierung zähmen


NSA überwacht nicht nur. NSA on attack 



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