China in strategischer Rivalität mit den USA …

China in strategischer Rivalitätmit USA? | Globalisierung …

China in strategischer Rivalitätmit den USA – Globalisierung …

China in strategischer Rivalitätmit den USA – Globalisierung …

Zerfällt der US-Dollar als globale Reservewährung?

Globalisierungzähmen und ihre Früchte ernten“: zerfällt …

Globalisierung zähmen

China Pledges to Support Russia

Dezember 2014

Der Ukraine-Konflikt und was dahinter steckt…

Dezember 2014

China offers huge sums on 5th Greater Mekong Sub-region Summit in Bangkok

Dezember 2014

TTIP and TPP: Where are the BRICs?

Dezember 2014

zu feige, zu schwach oder zu skrupellos, die Interessen des eigenen Volkes gegenüber jenen der USA zu vertreten

Dezember 2014

‘Declaration of War’ On Vladimir Putin

Dezember 2014

Das Ende des Anstands: Nur Propaganda oder schon Hetze?

Dezember 2014

Was Putin gern gesagt haette, aber nicht sagen durfte oder wollte…

       November 2014

INHALT: China and the US need to talk.

August 2014

On mission to reduce global role of U.S. currency …

China’s rise and Asian tensions send U.S. relations into …

The dollar’s dominance shrinking…

China’s high-speed railway diplomacy is changing Asia.

China and the US need to talk.

THE NEW NEUTRALITY in a Multipolar World

Will America Never Go To War Over Ukraine ?

BRICS cable planned

Russia plans to reopen the Cold War Soviet-age SIGINT facility in Cuba


Ukraine and the grand chessboard



BRICS strengthen the global financial safety net.

“Rio Consensus” a model for global economic governance in the 21st century

BRICS countries to challenge unipolar world order

China is not poised to speed across the Pacific to threaten America.

Die „Korrektur der globalen Ungleichgewichte“.

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The Unbalanced Economic Relationship of the United States and China

Is it this what may happen in future? | Globalisierung …Global systemic crisis II

„Land mit blauem Himmel und klarem Wasser“

World risks era of slow growthhigh unemployment …

OECD warns of new era of low growth | Capital Business

New World Order just emerging | Globalisierung zähmen …

The End of the New World Order – Project Syndicate

There’s the fate of the petrodollar to consider …

WarningUkraine and NATO | Globalisierung zähmen und …

Sollte das die Richtung sein, dann hätte die Globalisierung „Früchte“ getragen, die es jetzt in China zu „ernten“ gilt.Beijing is already seeing the fruits of its reforms but Washington is still relying on its old growth models.

If the dominance of finance over real economic activities persists… expand the domestic demand simultaneously

There’s the fate of the petrodollar to consider.

China-Russian Unity

Warning: Ukraine and NATO

China-Russian Unity

McKinsey hat die Globalisierung vermessen.

“globale new economy” just emerging…

A “new multipolar global economy” just emerging

Avoiding the low-growth trap!

Thinking about how lucky we are in Thailand…

How Wall Street execs got away with the crime of the century.

Globalisation still favours the rich nations – but not for long.

We live in an interconnected world. Even individuals can play a larger role.

Dark clouds in South Asia

New global order emerging…

The “sanctions war” between Washington and Moscow put the petrodollar at risk and thus the US-dollar.


Partnerschaft mit China absolutely necessary II

Partnership with china absolutely necessary

New World Order just emerging

Russia’s rise threatens Petro-Dollar.

Western Analysts Are Wrong

China and global innovation

“Billionaires are asking what they should do with their money.”

U.S. backs G20 crackdown on global tax loopholes.

Warum die USA mit China (noch) kooperieren

Trends in world military expenditure 2013

New World Order

When “Easy Money” Ends: The Beginning of the End for Quantitative Easing

World risks era of slow growth, high unemployment.

“China has every right now to demand the US address its structural debt problems and ensure the safety of China’s dollar assets.”

The U.S. and China are deeply cooperative and deeply competitive.

The tectonic plates of power are shifting in the Pacific Ocean.

The rise of China’s military and its capabilities

Free trade and the loss of U.S. jobs

China promises sustainable growth.

Globalization hurts children.

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Global Trading System

Urbanized villager may turn out to define the future of Asia.

2014 will make or break the economy.

Hold the congratulations on carbon emissions.

China is striving for new economic balance and self-reliance, and the US should do the same.

China’s Economy

reform of the International Monetary Fund

Zerfällt der US-Dollar als globale Reservewährung?

Globalisierung zähmen und ihre Früchte ernten“: zerfällt … 



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